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Gold Price in Dubai – 25 April 2024

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As of today, Thursday, 25 April, 2024, the gold market in Dubai reveals prices that may impact buyers and sellers. For 10 grams of 22k gold, the current rate stands at AED 2515.33, while 24k gold commands a price of AED 2744.00 per 10 grams. These figures provide a snapshot of the market’s valuation of gold in different karats.

UAE Dirham Rate In Pakistan 25 April 2024 - AED to PKR
Gold Price in Dubai 25 April 2024

For those who prefer dealing in smaller quantities, the rates break down to 251.53 AED (UAE Dirham) for a single gram of 22k gold and 274.40 AED (UAE Dirham) for a gram of 24k gold. This information serves as a valuable reference for individuals looking to buy or sell gold by the gram, offering insight into the current market dynamics in Dubai.

Gold Price in Dubai – 25 April 2024

The price of 24-Karat gold per 10 grams stands at 2744.00 (UAE Dirham), with 22-Karat gold priced at 2515.33 AED for the same quantity.

Likewise, the rate for 24-Karat gold per 1 Tola is 3200.60 AED in Dubai, while the cost of 22-Karat gold per 1 Tola is 2933.84 UAE Dirham.

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Gold Price in Dubai – 21k and 18k Gold

For 21k of gold and 18k of gold Latest Gold Price in Dubai is Mentioned below.

  • 21-K Gold: The gold rate per 10 grams is 2401.00 AED
  • 21-K Gold: The gold rate per 1 Tola ( 11.66 grams ) is 2800.52 AED.
  • 18-K Gold: The gold rate per 10 grams is 2058.00 AED.
  • 18-K Gold: The gold rate per 1 Tola ( 11.66 grams ) is 2400.45 AED.

Gold Rate in Dubai UAE Today – 25 April 2024

On Thursday, 25 April, 2024. Here is the complete table of gold rate in Dubai today.

Gold WeightGold Rate in AED
18k Gold Rate per 1 Gram205.80
21k Gold Rate per 1 Gram240.10
22k Gold Rate per 1 Gram251.53
24k Gold Rate per 1 Gram274.40
22k Gold Rate per 10 Gram2515.33
24k Gold Rate per 10 Gram2744.00
22k Gold Rate per 1 Tola 2933.84
24k Gold Rate per 1 Tola3200.60
Gold Price in Dubai

It’s important to note that gold prices can fluctuate throughout the day due to various factors such as global economic conditions, market demand, and currency exchange rates. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to stay updated with the latest rates before making any transactions.

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What is the price of 24 carat gold in Dubai?

Today’s live gold rate in the UAE indicates that the price of 24-carat gold is 2744.00 AED per 10 grams of gold

What is the price of 18K gold in Dubai today?

The current price of 21K gold per gram is AED 240.10, whereas 18K gold is priced at AED 205.80 per gram.

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