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UAE Dirham Rate in India Today 22 November 2023 – AED to INR

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AED to INR: On Wednesday 22 November, 2023, The Exchange rate of AED (UAE Dirham) to INR (Indian Rupees) on the start of business week is equal to INR 22.69.

AED to INR rate is provided by open market foreign currency exchange dealers in India. However AED to Indian Rupees may fluctuate throughout the day due to supply and demand in market.

UAE Dirham Rate in India Today 22 November 2023 - AED to INR
UAE Dirham Rate in India 22 November 2023 – AED to INR

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Dirham rate in India 22 November – AED to Indian Rupees

22 November 2023INR 22.19INR 22.69

In Conclusion, On Wednesday 22 November Dirham Rate in India stands at INR 22.69.

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What is the value of 3000 Dubai money in India?

On 22 November, 2023 AED to INR is 22.69. According to latest Exchange rate 3000 AED to Indian Rupees is equal to 68,070.

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