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UAE Dirham Rate In Pakistan 29 January 2024 – AED to PKR

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Dirham Rate In Pakistan: As of Monday, 29 January, 2024, In the latest update, the State Bank of Pakistan has released the interbank exchange rate for the UAE Dirham to Pakistani Rupees. As per the official announcement, the current exchange rate stands at PKR 76.14 for one UAE Dirham.

It’s important to note that this exchange rate information is provided by the State Bank of Pakistan and is applicable on working weekdays from Monday to Friday. The release of this exchange rate data serves as a valuable reference for individuals and businesses engaged in financial transactions between the UAE and Pakistan.

UAE Dirham Rate In Pakistan 29 January 2024 - AED to PKR
AED to PKR – UAE Dirhams Rate In Pakistan 29 January 2024

UAE Dirham Rate in India Today

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Dirham Rate In Pakistan

The UAE Dirham to Pakistani Rupees (PKR) is subject to varying positions, specifically in two distinct domains – the Interbank and the Open Market. It’s crucial to highlight that the exchange rate of AED to PKR in these two markets may differ, and these rates are susceptible to fluctuations throughout the day.

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On Monday, 29 January, 2024 the Inter bank exchange rate of UAE Dirham to PKR is as Follow.

Interbank Dirham to Pakistani Rupees Today

29 January, 2024PKR 75.99PKR 76.14
Dirham to Pakistani Rupees 


Open Market AED to PKR Today

However, In Open Market the 1 AED to PKR is Equal to 77.40 Pakistani Rupees.

29 January, 2024PKR 76.60PKR 77.40
Open Market Dirham to PKR Today

In Conclusion, The AED to PKR rate in Inter bank is recorded as PKR 76.14 in Pakistan, On other hand the open market exchange rate of Dirham to PKR today is 77.40 Pakistani Rupees.

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How much is 1 AED to 1 PKR?

On 29 January, 2024 1 AED to 1 PKR is equal to 76.14 Pakistani Rupees.

How much is 1000 UAE dirham in Pakistani rupees?

The currency conversion of 1000 UAE dirham in Pakistani rupees is equal to 76,140 PKR

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