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UAE Hits Lowest Temperatures of the Year with a Chilling 5.3°C Recorded

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  • Expectations are in place for lower temperatures in certain mountainous regions. Residents and travelers in these areas are advised to prepare for potentially colder conditions.
UAE Hits Lowest Temperatures of the Year with a Chilling 5.3°C Recorded

UAE Experiences Coldest Day of the Year as Temperatures Drop to Single Digits

Residents across the UAE have finally experienced a dip in temperatures, reaching single digits in various areas. The National Centre of Meteorology recorded the coldest day of the year on January 10, with temperatures plummeting to 5.3°C in Raknah (Al Ain) at 7:30 am.

This marks the lowest temperature reported by the NCM in 2024, providing a chilly start to the day for residents in the region. The cold spell has been notable, with Thursday’s temperature in the same area recorded at 5.8°C. Stay tuned for further weather updates and advisories.

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Varied Cold Snap Across the UAE with Jebel Jais Recording 7.2°C

While Raknah has witnessed notably lower temperatures, Jebel Jais mountain experienced a dip to 7.2°C on January 9. Since the beginning of 2024, temperatures in the country have fallen below 10ºC, with expectations of even lower temperatures in some mountainous regions. Raknah holds the record for the coldest air temperature in 2021, dropping to -2ºC.

The UAE’s winter months, commencing officially after December 21, have been milder this year, as indicated by experts. December’s average temperature surpassed that of previous years. The relatively colder weather is eagerly awaited by outdoor enthusiasts, especially those looking forward to enjoying the snow-capped mountains of Jebel Jais, considered one of the most attractive winter destinations. Stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing weather conditions.

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