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UAE Residents Warned of Rising Online Scams

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In a recent report highlighted by Al Arabiya, residents in the UAE are being advised to stay vigilant against an increasing wave of Online scams affecting the country. Deceptive fraudsters, posing as various entities such as Dubai Police and local banks, are employing tactics through phone calls and emails. The warning emphasizes the importance of exercising caution and refraining from sharing personal information in response to such deceptive communications.

UAE Residents Warned of Rising Online Scams

Sophisticated scams are on the rise, with one scheme involving urgent emails instructing individuals to promptly settle alleged traffic fines, accompanied by an official-looking link. Major banks, including FAB and Emirates NBD, are taking proactive measures by issuing warnings to their customers regarding these deceptive scams, particularly those that falsely claim recipients have won a fantastic prize.

Adding to the cautionary note, fraudulent text messages purporting to be from Emirates Post are circulating, urging people to click on mysterious links. Authorities are emphatically advising the public to exercise caution and resist falling victim to these deceptive tactics.

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Experts, including Michael Kortbawi from BSA law firm, are raising concerns about the surge in scams, particularly during the holiday season. Scammers often impersonate representatives from reputable entities, seeking sensitive information such as Emirates ID and passport numbers.

To identify potential scams, individuals are advised to be wary of unexpected calls or messages, requests for personal or financial information, and offers of prizes that require upfront payment, according to Kortbawi.

Dubai Police are actively working to combat these scams, although the challenge lies in the fact that many operate from outside the UAE. Despite stringent rules against cybercrime in the country, apprehending these elusive perpetrators is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Residents are urged to exercise caution, verify suspicious messages, report any dubious activities to the Cybercrime Helpline at 800-2626, and refrain from disclosing personal information unless certain of its legitimacy. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In a surprising revelation, the head of the UAE’s Cybersecurity Council disclosed that over 71 million cyber attacks were thwarted in the first three quarters of 2023, emphasizing the magnitude of the ongoing threat.

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